"Going Viral" Series

I think of my imagery as pictorial equations in which the viewer is invited to interpret the solutions as they will. The title of the series, "Going Viral," reflects the idea that mutated microbes spread and intermingle with unknown galaxies, juxtaposing and colliding all in one location, namely the surface plane. Here planets nestle amongst new life forms gone awry in this altered template for creation, all in a kind of playful harmony. It's a place where whimsy, beauty, humor, and the terrifying can all hang out together in their local haunt.

I have an impulse to invoke fictitious forces, stir them up and allow free will to play its part in determining the result of the imagery. I consider the process an experiment in both materials and ideas, taking a static surface and turning it into an animated life force. Through this expression, in celebratory fashion, I hope to contribute my voice to the pure act of painting.